From Marni 7-28-19

I was recently asked what I believe the “divine” reason was for my incarceration…ten long years out of my life (and counting…). I responded, “You mean other than the fact that I seem to be a total loser magnet and have a tendency to make terrible relationship choices?”

As I groped for a more retrospective answer (meaning, not HOW I ended up here, but rather, WHY I ended up here, through some higher power), I reflected on the changes that I have undergone over the last decade…a transformation that could only have been forged through extreme hardship, sacrifice, pain, and separation. But that transformation is only one aspect of that “higher purpose.” There is also the difference that I strive to make in the lives of others. I was given a gift for teaching, and as an educator, I have devoted myself to the academic success of each and every one of my students. I teach math and reading, in both English and Spanish (for my non-English speaking students), and there is nothing like helping someone accomplish a skill that they didn’t think possible. It leads to greater self-esteem, better decision-making, and personal growth. I’ve had countless students over the years, and I tell every single one of them that I will make as big of an investment in them as they are willing to make in themselves. They are learning so much more than just math and reading. This is simply the vehicle by which their world is expanding as they discover their potential.

As time goes on, I will share some of these notable, inspirational stories as I feel they are relevant, and because they are such an integral part of my daily life.

I will close this week with one of my favorite quotes:

Life Shrinks or Expands in Proportion to One’s Courage

Anais Nin

Have a great week everyone!