Happy Shark Week Everyone!

As an avid scuba diver, this is like Holy Week for me. Sharks are amazingly intelligent creatures, with an admirable ability to adapt to their environment.

A wise friend once told me, “Bloom where you are planted.” It makes me think about places where you would imagine nothing could grow, like the desolate bottom of the ocean. And yet even the dark, oxygen-deprived seafloor has its own inhabitants and ecosystem.

This leads me to make comparisons to my own ability to adapt, and the coping skills I’ve developed in order to survive…and try to thrive…in the environment, I have found myself living in. Prison is an often difficult, hostile place where you constantly have to watch your back and trust no one. You are surrounded by a large percentage of dysfunctional people, many of whom are mentally unstable, and some who are very aggressive or even violent. I do my best to avoid and ignore these individuals, but it is not always easy. I have one of them living in my room, and she puts a LOT of stress on my other roommate and me.

Beginning in just a few short weeks, you will see a lot of activity and positive things happening in my legal case., and while that is very exciting, this is a bad time for any additional stress from my living environment. One coping skill I have developed is to focus on my students…they are my daily positive inspiration, as well as my family and friends. With the creation of this website, I can also draw strength from your support and would be happy to respond to any questions you would like to ask about what this experience is like.