WMP Justice Review

Hello Everyone!

I always close each week’s post with my own personal motto…Fortitudine Vincimus…which I adopted from Scottish explorer Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton. After his ship, purposefully named the HMS Endurance, was frozen into the ice and sank, he and his entire crew were forced to survive for two long years in the brutal, desolate Arctic wasteland, with almost no supplies, before managing to be rescued.

For those whose Latin may leave something to be desired, Fortitudine Vincimus translates to “By endurance we conquer.” There is truth in this statement…a truth I cling to every single day (though sometimes, admittedly, with slippery fingers.) Sometimes it means taking one step at a time. Sometimes all you can manage is just one breath at a time.

In a few weeks, we are about to take a giant step forward. One thing I am constantly aware of is how very fortunate I am. My case was discovered by the WMP Justice Review. They are an incredible team of dedicated experts with indisputable credentials – each of them at the very forefront of their field. They have come together to right a terrible wrong, and their extensive resources and capabilities give them an incredibly unique approach far above and beyond that of any innocence project in existence. The hope that the Justice Review has given me is a priceless gift. Perhaps the only way to fix our terribly broken justice system is one case at a time.

Fortitudine Vincimus,